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Keep your Liquor Cool with LED's

Posted by Stellar Lights on

You already know how cool / hip / awesome your home bar looks with LED lighting, but LED’s do more than just make your liquor bottle display seem downright sexy. LED lights help keep your prized stock of spirits and liquors at the perfect temperature, thanks to the fact that LED's are the only type of liquor bottle display lights that don't emit unwanted, taste-altering heat!

Just Say No To Warm Spirits & Liquors!

Liquor bottle displays that are illuminated with power-hungry, heat-emitting light sources like halogen and fluorescent can get so hot that the temperatures inside the bottles can rise significantly. Ever try to put your hand on a halogen light that's been on for just a few minutes? Wowzers!

Did you know that heat actually changes the taste of the liquor? The simple fact is that nobody wants to tuck into a lukewarm martini, tepid tequila or steamy scotch. Serve up warmed-over liquors (or worse yet, drinks that are watered down with ice cubes), and you'll quickly find yourself with a lot of empty seats at your bar!

High-Quality, Energy-Efficient, Low-Heat LED Bar Lighting

On the other hand, LEDs run nice and cool - in fact, LEDs are the coolest lights on the market by far, making them a great choice for temperature-sensitive applications like home bars and retail liquor bottle displays!

Want to know more about lighting your home bar or liquor bottle display with energy efficient, cool-running LED's? Check out our stock of premium-quality LED lighting solutions for home and commercial bars here!