L.E.D. Lighted Shelves

Our LED Lighted Shelves are powered with super bright, color changing LEDs, they are thin, lightweight, durable and waterproof - designed specifically for bar lighting. No installation or assembly is required; simply plug it in and place it on any existing surface or mount it to a wall; use it to upgrade your existing bar lighting or as a stand-alone home bar or retail liquor bottle display.

Choose from these sizes and styles:

2FT | 3FT | 4FT | 5FT | 6FT | 7FT | 8FT | Custom Size

Double-Wide Shelves and Floating Shelves

Super Bright, Color Changing LED's

LEDs are known for their brightness and reliability and present numerous advantages over traditional lighting sources, including smaller size, lower energy consumption, higher luminosity, lower heat output and longer lifespan.

44 Key Wireless Remote Control

Includes a 44 key wireless infrared remote, giving the user complete control over the color and brightness of the liquor bottle display, it comes with 20 set colors, 6 custom colors, color fade, color jump and a built-in dimmer.

Daisy Chains

Daisy Chains are RGB extension cables used to connect and synchronize two or more light shelves with a single controller; by selecting 'Yes' to 'Daisy Chain' your shelves will share an external power supply and controller, extension cables will connect the light shelves to each other and to the controller.  Note: Your light shelf will no longer have a controller or a power supply.

Zone Lighting Kits

Zone Lighting Kits connect and synchronize up to 4 groups or zones of light shelves wirelessly to a multi-zone RGB controller with RF Remote or sync the remote via wifi to your smartphone or tablet; the shelves within each zone are connected to each other and to the controller via daisy chains.