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What Makes L.E.D.'s So Special?

Posted by Stellar Lights on

What is a LED?

A light emitting diode or L.E.D. is a solid state device (a device built entirely from solid materials) with no moving parts, made with special materials, known as semiconductors, with microscopic 'electron holes'; when electricity passes through the material, it fills in these tiny holes with energy, then releases the energy in the form of light, the color of the light is determined by the type of material used; each diode (or light) on a color changing LED strip contains three semiconductors that emit red, green and blue (R.G.B.) light respectively. The combination of these three colors can produce a myriad of colors. 

What Makes LEDs So Special?
  • LEDs have no moving parts and experience very little wear and tear
  • LEDs are extremely bright but generate very little friction and heat
  • LEDs are energy efficient, saving on power bills, minimizing your carbon footprint
  • LEDs almost never need to be replaced, saving on landfill space
  • LEDs can emit white light, making them usable for a much wider range of applications
  • LEDs are dimmable, they can change colors and can be controlled via wireless remote
  • LEDs can be made extremely small while still providing the same amount of light
  • LED's are now affordable, due in part to the widespread use of LED's around the world
How Can We Help?
We specialize in bar lighting products that utilize color-changing LED lights; our products include LED Lighted Shelves, Floating LED Shelves and Stepped LED Liquor Bottle Displays.
Contact us today:
  • If you want new and innovative LED lighting options for your home or business
  • If you have an existing home bar or liquor bottle display you’d like to illuminate
  • If you have a retail liquor bottle display and you want to attract attention and increase sales
  • If you have a valued collection of liquors | spirits that you’d like to show off
  • If you want to replace old halogen and / or fluorescent lights with LEDs and save money
  • If you want to ‘hook up’ your ‘man cave’
  • If you want a custom lighting solution to meet your exact specifications

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